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2010/2011  BA-HA_E157  Strategic Management in Organizations

English Title
Strategic Management in Organizations

Course Information

Language English
Point 7,5 ECTS (225 SAT)
Type Elective
Level Bachelor
Duration One Semester
Course Period Spring
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study Board
Study Board for BSc in Economics and Business Administration
Course Coordinator
  • Jens Lage Hansen - Department of Organization
Secretary Ane Lindgren Hassing - alh.ioa@cbs.dk
Main Category of the Course
  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • Organization
  • Management

Taught under Open University-Taught under open university.
Last updated on 29 maj 2012
Learning Objectives
After taking the course, students should be able to:
• Understand the different forms strategies take
• Understand the different ways strategy is planned, is implemented, emerges and exists in organizations
• Analyse strategic management in organizations and the influence of structure, culture and leadership on the process
• Recomend theoretical based management interferences for improving strategic management in organizations
4 hour open book exam
Exam Period May/June

The exam is a 4 hour written, open book exam. The exam is PC-based with no internet access. It is also possible to write in hand.
Course Content

The course will introduce the students to what strategy is and how it is formed in organizations, and thus, as future leaders they will be better equiped to participate in and influence the strategy management process. The basic rationale being, that nowadays an organization’s strategy often ends in a binder on the shelf, instead of being adopted by the organization. This happens because managers do not have sufficient understanding of the complexities of strategic managemet and the strong interaction between strategic management and the structure, culture and leadership practices in organizations (Hence the title: Strategic Management IN Organizations)

Using Mintzbergs approach an overview of different strategic management schools will be presented covering the most important and influential in the practice of strategic management today. The teaching of the various schools will include in depth articles by the scholars associated with each school. Strategic Management theory is intervened with the organizational theories of organizational structure, culture and leadership, and therefore, the connection between strategic management and organizational theory and the resulting influence on practice will also be discussed in the course.

Teaching Methods
Teaching methods will take the form of lectures, case studies, small group work, class dicussions and exercises. Part of the class sessions are devoted to practical application of the course material.

Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel Strategy Safari – Your Complete Guide through the Wilds of Strategic Management 2nd edition, FT Prentice Hall. 2009 (selected chapters 280 pages)

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Prahalad and Hamel Strategic Intent Harvard Business Review May – June 1989 (15 pages)

Organization and Leadership

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Total: 739 pages