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2010/2011  KAN-RDPS  Research design and the philosophy of science

English Title
Research design and the philosophy of science

Course Information

Language English
Point 7,5 ECTS (225 SAT)
Type Mandatory
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Quarter
Course Period Autumn . Second Quarter
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study Board
Study Board for BSc/MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems
Course Coordinator
Jonas Hedman
Main Category of the Course
  • Philosophy and philosophy of science

Taught under Open University-Taught under open university.
Last updated on 29 maj 2012
Individual paper
Exam Period May/June
The examination is an individual project of 15 pages. The project is written in parallel with the course – and done individually. The project must be submitted at the end of the teaching term. The title question(s) and content of the project must be prepared by the student within the framework of the syllabus or together with the teacher.

Examination takes place in December/January. Make-up and re-examination take place in February.

The student’s performance is graded according to the 7 point grading scale.
Prerequisites for Attending the Exam
Course Content

Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to review the various perspectives that inform IM/IS a research and to prepare students to write a Master’s thesis that is theoretically informed and methodologically sound. The course achieves that by exploring the ontological (nature of being) and epistemological (nature of knowledge) assumptions characterizing each perspective and by addressing the methodological implications of doing research within each of the different perspectives.

Teaching Methods
The course will combine lectures, student presentations, and in-class group work. The lectures will be based on of articles from the IM and IS fields. To illustrate the applicability of the different perspectives, students will read various studies focusing on issues such as: design and implementation of technology, implications of information, as well as user acceptance and evaluation. In addition, the students will read a number of methodological papers concerning the planning of research projects and research evaluation criteria.

Oates, BJ. (2006) “Researching Information Systems and Computing”