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2010/2011  KAN-SOC_VSTD  Strategic Design

English Title
Strategic Design

Course Information

Language English
Point 7,5 ECTS (225 SAT)
Type Elective
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Quarter
Course Period Autumn . Second Quarter
Pending schedule: Week 43: 13.30-14.15, Thursday Week 44-50: 13.30-17.00, Thursday
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Max. participants 60
Study Board
Study Board for MSc of Social Science
Course Coordinator
Tore Kristensen - tk.mrkt@cbs.dkSecretary Merete Skaalum Lassen - ml.marktg@cbs.dk
Main Category of the Course
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Experience economy and service management

Taught under Open University-Taught under open university.
Last updated on 29 maj 2012
Learning Objectives
The students will be able to utilize design knowledge to create business models and corporate strategy.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
• understand how design contributes to economic value creation,
• understand how design is integrated into the value chain of companies and industrial value systems,
• use various tools and methods for design planning,
• develop a strategic plan,
• set up experiments to test and predict the value of designs using con-joint analysis etc., and
• model the economic flows of design using established business models.
Bachelor’s in one of the following fields: Marketing, Psychology, Economics, Design, Engineering
Oral exam based on a group project
Exam Period Winter Term
Prerequisites for Attending the Exam
Course Content

This course deals with business aspects of design and the ability of design to solve business problems, increase competitiveness, and achieve economic growth and innovation. Topics include economic value creation, business model generation, using design for strategy making, design planning, and understanding how design is valued by consumers. The course will introduce a variety of business models and approaches as well as design tools.

Teaching Methods
The course will be organized around workshops in which students will perform business, customer and industry analyses, experiment with various design and business tools, and develop a strategic plan.

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Supplementing articles:

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