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2011/2012  KAN-CM_R81  Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

English Title
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Course Information

Language English
Point 7,5 ECTS (225 SAT)
Type Elective
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Quarter
Course Period Autumn . First Quarter
Please see e-campus.
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study Board
Study Board for MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Course Coordinator
  • Christian Petersen - Department of Accounting and Auditing
Christian Vriborg Petersen - cp.acc@cbs.dk Secretary Dorte Munck - dbm.acc@cbs.dk
Main Category of the Course
  • Financial and management accounting

Taught under Open University-Taught under open university.
Last updated on 29 maj 2012
Learning Objectives
The aim of the course is to enable the students to analyse a firm’s profitability, growth and risks, calculate and interpret financial ratios that describe a firm’s economic well being and demonstrate the ability to value firms using different valuation techniques.
Students are required to have had an introductory course in financial accounting and a reasonable knowledge of corporate finance.
4-hour written, open book exam.
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation :
Assessment Written Exam
Marking Scale 7-step scale
Censorship No censorship
Exam Period Autumn Term
Aids Please, see the detailed regulations below
Duration 4 Hours

Course Content

Research and theory based lectures are mixed with exercises and cases. Lectures provide the students with the necessary tools to make financial analyses and valuation. Through cases the students learn how to apply theory and use a variety of decision models used in practice.

The course’s development of personal competences:

Candidates are trained in presenting solutions to a variety of real life business cases, including valuation, based on financial statement analysis.

Teaching Methods
Research and theory based lectures are mixed with exercises and cases.

Financial Statement Analysis for Decision Makers’, by Christian V. Petersen and Thomas Plenborg, Pearson 2011