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2011/2012  KAN-SE01  Research Methods and Data Management

English Title
Research Methods and Data Management

Course Information

Language English
Point 7,5 ECTS (225 SAT)
Type Mandatory
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Quarter
Course Period First Quarter
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study Board
Study Board for MSc of Social Science
Course Coordinator
  • Kristian Anders Hvass - Department of International Economics and Management
Main Category of the Course
  • Economic and organizational sociology
Last updated on 29 maj 2012
Learning Objectives
The student must demonstrate:
  • Introductory knowledge on philosophy of science
  • Comprehensive knowledge on quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Ability to apply methods in a well-structured research project
Individual oral exam with 20 minutes preparation
Assessment Oral Exam
Marking Scale 7-step scale
Censorship Internal examiners
Exam Period Autumn Term
Aids With time for preparation
Duration 20 Minutes
The evaluation of this course consists of an individual oral exam with 20 minutes preparation. Students will be given a list of possible questions at the start of the course. At the time of the exam, the student will choose a random question from the list of possible questions. Although, the examination will cover the entire curriculum.
Course Content

The course gives an introduction to the study of research methods, including the philosophies of science. Focus is on the application of advanced quantitative and qualitative methods within a business context. The course enables students to evaluate and apply tools and methods for analyzing service industries. At the conclusion of the course students are expected to demonstrate a knowledge of research methodologies and methods, including formulating a research question, choosing a research method, and structuring a research project. Quantitative skills will be taught using Microsoft Excel.

Teaching Methods
Lectures, case analyses, workshops and presentations.

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