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2012/2013  BA-EOK_BAS  British and American studies

English Title
British and American studies

Course information

Language English
Exam ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Mandatory
Level Bachelor
Duration One Semester
Course period Spring
2. semester
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study board
Study Board for BA in English and Organisational Communication
Course coordinator
  • Kevin McGovern - Department of International Business Communication
Main Category of the Course
  • Language and Intercultural Studies
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Learning objectives
At the end of the course, the student should be able to
  • Answer the questions posed within the syllabus independently and correctly
  • Draw upon central concepts and theories from the course to analyze aspects of British and American societies
  • Account for and discuss differences and similarities in British and American politics and society
  • Demonstrate empirical knowledge about the topics covered
  • Structure answers with clarity and purpose
  • Communicate knowledge in clear, correct and idiomatic English
Written 4-hour exam without aids:
Type of test Written Exam
Marking scale 7-step scale
Second examiner Second internal examiner
Exam period Summer Term
Aids Please, see the detailed regulations below
Duration 4 Hours
The exam is a written exam which is conducted by use of CBS computers.
Aids: None besides access to the electronic version of Danish-English English-Danish dictionaries: Gyldendals røde ordbøger, dansk-engelsk og engelsk-dansk

Examination language: English

Re-examination: As the regular examination
Course content

Course participants work with analyses of political, social and cultural relations in the English-speaking world’s two “leading” countries, the United Kingdom and the United States. Where possible and relevant, analysis is conducted in a comparative framework, while drawing on relevant theoretical and historical perspectives. The topics studied may include:

  • Population groups and identities
  • The political system and the political parties
  • The media and their role in politics and society
  • Social and education policy
  • Labour market relations
  • Political and economic relations with the world
Teaching methods
The course is organised around a series of lectures, followed by more in-depth analysis and discussion of the issues in classes. Students have term assignments which in combination reflect the shape of the final written exam.
Student workload
Teaching 25 hours
Preparation 62 hours
Independent studies 25 hours
Term papers 20 hours
Examination, including revision 75 hours
Further Information

No special prerequisites, beyond the ability to follow the course in English.

Expected literature

• Malene Djursaa og Charlotte Werther (2011). Rose and Crown: Ideas and Identities in British Politics and Society, 3rd edn. København: Handelshøjskolens Forlag.
• Russell Duncan and Joseph Goddard (2009). Contemporary America, 3rd edn.UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
• In addition, a number of supplementary articles are used.

Last updated on 16-07-2012