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2012/2013  BA-HAS_IS  Information System (IT for Service Management)

English Title
Information System (IT for Service Management)

Course information

Language English
Exam ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Bachelor
Duration One Quarter
Course period Autumn
Changes may occur.
Tuesday 11:40 to 14:15, week 36-41, 43-46.
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Max. participants 60
Study board
Study Board for BSc in Service Management
Course coordinator
  • Jonas Hedman - ITM
Administrative contact person is Bodil Sponholtz, ITM (bsp.itm@cbs.dk)
Main Category of the Course
  • Information Systems
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Access to computer och internet
Information System (IT for Service Management):
Type of test Written Exam
Marking scale 7-step scale
Second examiner No second examiner
Exam period Autumn Term
Aids Open Book, Written and Electronic Aid is permitted
Duration 4 Hours
Written 4 hours individual exam with all material (including the reflection papers)
• The written exam takes place on CBS computers
• Aids: Open book
• Students have access to their personal files (S-drive on CBS network)
• Students have access to Internet
• Students are not allowed to bring personal electronic devices to the exam
• Re-take examinations and make-up examinations are subject to the same regulations as the ones noted above
Course content
Information systems are key recourses in most services companies. They are used in most business activities, such as financial reporting, customer management, and order management. Todays, in many cases, complex business activities can not be carried out without the use of information systems.
The aim of the course is to give a firm understanding of how information systems function in service oriented business. By using different information systems, such as ERP systems, CRM system, social media scraping tools, and analytical tools, and applying information systems development tools will enable the participants to develop an understanding and knowledge of how information systems function. This way of learning (by using information systems) will give the student’s hands-on experience as well as the opportunity to create their own metal maps. The support the learning and also provide the student with conceptual models articles will provide complement the practical exercises.

Learning Objectives:
In the end of this course, the students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the key information systems and tools and how they support service management
  • Being able to use information system to solve service oriented business problems
  • Apply the relevant models/frameworks/tools from the literature on the use of information systems
  • Contribute in process of formulating requirements
  • Be responsible for the communication of business requirements on information system
The course will provide a practical experience in the information systems that are used in business. These information systems are concrete instantiations of many of the theories taught in other classes, such as accounting and marketing.
The idea behind the course was class discussion in e-business strategy, where the students expressed there needs for knowledge regarding information systems in a service management context.
Teaching methods
The course will consist of lectures and information systems workshops with discussions. It is a precondition that the student takes an active role in the learning process through participating in all classes and workshops. Furthermore, it is required that a short (1/2 page) reflection paper is written after each workshop.
Further Information
The course may be run either in the first quarter or in the second.

Expected literature

To be announced. The teacher will upload the reading list to Learn two weeks before the course starts.

Last updated on 03-05-2012