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2012/2013  BA-IRM1  Interdisciplinary Research Methods, module 1

English Title
Interdisciplinary Research Methods, module 1

Course information

Language English
Type Mandatory
Level Bachelor
Duration Two Quarters
Course period Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study board
Study Board for BA in Information Management
Course coordinator
  • Matthias Trier - ITM
Main Category of the Course
  • Communication
Last updated on 28-08-2012
Learning objectives
As the course is examined as part of the 1st Year Project exam in the 4th quarter, please read the learning objectives for the 1st Year Project - in the course description of the 1st Year Project.
The course has no independant exam but is examined as part of the 4th quarter exam (1st year project):
Type of test Oral with Written Assignment
Marking scale 7-step scale
Second examiner External examiner
Exam period May/June
Aids Without preparation
Duration 30 Minutes
The 5 ECTS do not count as exam ECTS.
Course content
The course functions as a first introduction to the philosophy of social science and the most common methodologies used in social research. The aim of the course is to enable students to reflect on and critically assess the knowledge they acquire from their other courses and on their own ways of producing and analyzing knowledge. Furthermore, it should help to develop students’ skills in making sound, informed, and reasoned methodological and theoretical choices in their own analytical work.

Topics will include: Fundamental concepts and problems, what is social science, discussions of Ontology vs. Epistemology, How to produce and evaluate knowledge different research designs, qualitative and quantitative methods, modes of evaluation, Constructing a project at university – research question, structure, Presentation of work in progress for the 1st year projects, with collegial feedback.
At the workshops parallel to the lectures the students will develop their skills to identification and evaluation of fundamental concepts, research designs, research questions and methodology in both research articles and their own analytical work.
Teaching methods
The course consists of one 2-hour introductory lecture and five lectures followed by five 2-hour exercise sessions. Students are expected to do quite a lot of work in between sessions in addition to reading the course material. This will be work related to both the student survey, focus groups and the 1st Year Project. Students are expected to work in groups.
Expected literature
Please check the course literature on CBS Learn
Last updated on 28-08-2012