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2012/2013  KAN-CM_SU92  Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Course information

Language English
Exam ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Full Degree Master
Duration Summer
Course period Summer
Further information on www.cbs.dk/summer
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study board
Study Board for MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Course coordinator
  • Faculty - Syed Salman Ahmad, CBS
    Stig Hartmann - Department of Accounting and Auditing
Main Category of the Course
  • Organization
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Learning objectives
After the completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of the various human resource management processes in organizations
  • Apply theoretical concepts of HRM in real life business situations illustrated in cases
  • Exhibit an understanding of the ways in which organizations can attract, retain and motivate employees
  • Develop a link of integration between the overall business strategy and HR strategy of the organization
Human Resource Management
4-hour written exam :
Type of test Written Exam
Marking scale 7-step scale
Second examiner No second examiner
Exam period Summer Term
Aids Open Book, Written Aid is permitted
Duration 4 Hours

Mandatory Feedback Assignment
In order to qualify for the exam, the students must do a mandatory feedback assignment which will be an oral presentation (Duration: 20 minutes) of a case analysis in a group. The class will be divided into small study groups of around 4-6 people for this assignment. Groups will be assigned a business case at the beginning of the course so that they may schedule meetings to discuss the same and prepare their presentation.

Course content
Although not all management students become Human Resources (HR) specialists, virtually all will have to work with other people. Dealing with people issues is a process of organizational life, regardless of what functional area or position one is in, be it in accounting, finance, marketing or some other area.
Since managers in all departments functionally confront HR issues daily, it is important that students of management have a good understanding of the major topics associated with managing people in the context of the global marketplace. The course is designed to give participants a strategic and analytical insight of Human Resource issues and practices in organisations especially from the perspective of a line manager in any functional area of management and will include the following topics:

• Role of HR in Business Strategy • Recruitment and Selection • Training for Organisational Change and Development • Performance Management and Appraisal • Compensation Management and Money as Motivator • Coaching in Career Management and Development • Ethics, Fairness and Employee Relations • Stress and Well-Being in the Organisation • International HRM The course’s development of personal competences: This course is designed to help students become more effective managers (and employees) by raising awareness and understanding of critical HR related issues such as: • The management framework of human resources in organizations. • Emerging management practices which are changing HR Management. • How building employee commitment can be a cornerstone of an employer's HR philosophy and the important elements of building this commitment. • Human issues related to the globalization and internationalization of business.
Teaching methods
The course is designed to be highly interactive and experiential and will include Classroom Discussions, Case Analyses, Workshops, Group Presentations by Course Participants and Exercises. Pre-class preparation and reading and active participation in classroom discussions is expected and is important for the achievement of course objectives.

Expected literature
Required course readings and literature:
  1. Dessler, G. (2011). Human Resource Management (12e), Prentice Hall. (ISBN-10: 013608995X; ISBN-13:  9780136089957) (784 Pages).
  2. Cases and articles will also be assigned for reading and pre-class preparation during the course (200-300 Pages).
Indicative List of Cases:
  1. Sonoco Products Co.: Building a World-Class HR Organization
  2. Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System 
  3. Safe to Say at Prudential Financial
  4. Children’s Hospital & Clinics
  5. Shinsei Bank: Developing an Integrated Firm
  6. Citibank: Performance Evaluation
  7. Willamette Industries: 'No Pay At Risk' Compensation
  8. Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad
  9. Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Plant
  10. Donna Klein And Marriott International
  11. Coloplast A/S - Organizational Challenges in Offshoring
  12. LVMH: Career Development Through International Mobility
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