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2012/2013  KAN-ISCM  IS & Change Management

English Title
IS & Change Management

Course information

Language English
Exam ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Mandatory
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Quarter
Course period Autumn, Second Quarter
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Study board
Study Board for BSc/MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, BSc
Course coordinator
  • Michel Avital - ITM
Main Category of the Course
  • Information Systems
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Learning objectives
At the examination the student should be able to:
  • To identify a variety of change management issues in connection with information systems
  • To apply one or more of the theoretical perspectives presented in the course to the analysis of a change management case.
  • To plan and design interventions based on the change management issues.
  • To discuss and reflect upon the use of different theoretical perspectives for understanding and managing change.
IS & Change Management:
Type of test Oral with Written Assignment
Marking scale 7-step scale
Second examiner Second internal examiner
Exam period December/January
Aids Without preparation
Duration 20 Minutes

Oral individual examination based on group project (overall assessment). The group project will consist of two parts: an analysis of a change management issue and an intervention plan for implementing change. 15 pages.
Internal examiner and second internal examiner.

Re-Examination and make-up Examination: The exam is equal to the regular exam. The re-examination/make-up-examination is placed in the winter term.

Course content

Aim of the course
The course focuses on the analysis and design of implementation of organizational change related to information systems (IS) as either cause, means or result for organizational change. The course has an action oriented focus and will challenge the students to choose and use a theoretical perspective for analyzing a case as well as design an intervention plan for implementation of the suggested changes. The course will introduce a variety of theoretical perspectives for analyzing and implementing organizational change in relation to IS. Students will work on an empirical case of their own choice throughout the course to address the challenges of organizational change involving IS. The results from the theoretical analysis and the implementation plan should be documented in a written assignment which will form the basis for an oral exam.

Teaching methods
Teaching will be based on lectures and on supervision of students’ own work with an empirical case. Students will engage in and discuss their own case studies and work on a project to explore the subject. There will be two supervision sessions where 4 groups will read and discuss each other’s projects facilitated by a teacher.

Active participation from students is expected in class discussions and the students are expected to attend the lectures as well as the supervision sessions.
Expected literature

Hughes, Mark (2006): Change Management: A Critical Perspective, London, UK: CIPD
Anderson, D. L. (2010): Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change. Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage.

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