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2014/2015  BA-BSEMV1137U  Event and Festival Management

English Title
Event and Festival Management

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Bachelor
Duration One Semester
Course period Autumn
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Max. participants 120
Study board
Study Board for BSc in Service Management
Course coordinator
  • Lise Lyck - Department of Marketing (Marketing)
Lise Lyck - ll.tcm@cbs.dk; Secretary Jeannett Zola Andersen - jza.marktg@cbs.dk
Main academic disciplines
  • Management
  • Experience economy and service management
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Learning objectives
The course’s development of personal competences: The course seeks to qualify you to meet event management tasks/cases with a comprehensive knowledge of theories, good practices and caveats.
At the end of the course you are expected to be able to:
  • Use theoretical tools to understand and plan an event of your own choice
  • Conceptualize, design and plan an event
  • Analyze the impact of a given event
  • Analyze and plan the organizational, logistic and managerial elements of an event
  • Make a marketing and a sponsor plan
  • Plan a budgeting and control system
  • Plan an evaluation system
Course prerequisites
English language skills equal to B2 level (CEFR) is recommended
Oral exam based on group mini project:
Exam ECTS 7,5
Examination form Oral exam based on written product

In order to participate in the oral exam, the written product must be handed in before the oral exam; by the set deadline. The grade is based on an overall assessment of the written product and the individual oral performance.
Individual or group exam Individual
Size of written product Max. 10 pages
20 min oral exam based on miniproject. A mini-project of 10 pages and an individual oral exam of 20 minutes. If you work in a group the group size is max 3 students. The topic for your mini project must be approved by Allan Grige.

Approximately 5 minutes will be used for a short introduction to the mini project. The grade will be based on an overall impression of the student’s academic qualifications within the following areas: The written project, the presentation and discussion of the project and the answers to questions within the curriculum.
Assignment type Project
Written product to be submitted on specified date and time.
20 min. per student, including examiners' discussion of grade, and informing plus explaining the grade
Preparation time No preparation
Grading scale 7-step scale
Examiner(s) Internal examiner and second internal examiner
Exam period Winter Term
Aids allowed to bring to the exam Closed Book
Make-up exam/re-exam
Another examination form
Re-take examinations are given as an individual oral exam based on the written product handed in for the regular examination, as well as a supplementary piece – a max. 5 standard page critique of the mini project itself and of the presentation at the regular oral exam including suggestions of improvement. Questions from Curriculum should be expected.
Make-up examination is held according to the same examination regulations as the regular examination which is an individual oral exam based on a written product max. 10 standard pages.
Course content and structure

The course aims at giving the students a full range introduction to elements that are crucial to managing big scale as well as small scale events. After the course they should be familiar with how general managerial functions apply to events and where specific tools and measures are needed.

The course covers all major aspects of event management. Event management will be presented as applied cases of general management principles concurrent with presenting its many specific, attractive and challenging features.

The course will make use of lecturers from the industry and from CBS in order to secure updated theory and cases showing traits that are pertaining to the present day industry.

Teaching methods
Teaching is based on lectures, case analyses and discussions.
Further Information
Changes in course schedule may occur.
Monday 11.40-14.15, week 36-41, 43-48.
Expected literature

Allen, Johnny, William OToole, Robert Harris, Ian McDonnell: Festival and Special Events Management (4th edition) John Wiley & Sons (2008) 656 pages

Robinson Peter, Wale Debra and Dickson Geoff: Events Management, CABI (2010) 252 pages

Event Management Compendium

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