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2018/2019  KAN-CCMVV5055U  Project-oriented Marketing Research Program

English Title
Project-oriented Marketing Research Program

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 15 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Full Degree Master
Duration One Semester
Start time of the course Autumn
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Study board
Study Board for MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Course coordinator
  • Antonia Erz - Department of Marketing (Marketing)
Main academic disciplines
  • Customer behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Methodology and philosophy of science
Teaching methods
  • Face-to-face teaching
Last updated on 16-03-2018

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Learning objectives
Ability to account for the research question and its relevance in relation to the research project assistance.
  • Ability to account for the chosen literature’s relevance to the research question
  • Ability to analyze, discuss and provide a perspective on the tasks performed during the research project assistance in relation to relevant literature.
  • Ability to reflect critically on theories and methods in relation to the field of practice of the assisted research team.
  • Ability to follow academic conventions in the written report.
Course prerequisites
The course is a progression course for the marketing cluster (BCM/EMF/SMC). Only students from these concentrations can register for the course.
You need to have passed your first year at master level in a marketing concentration equivalent to 60 ECTS credits by the beginning of the course.

Sign-up process:
OBS! You do NOT sign up through the usual self-service for electives!
Please read more about the sign-up process under "Course content and structure".
Project-oriented Marketing Research Program:
Exam ECTS 15
Examination form Home assignment - written product
Individual or group exam Individual exam
Size of written product Max. 30 pages
Assignment type Project
Duration Written product to be submitted on specified date and time.
Grading scale 7-step scale
Examiner(s) One internal examiner
Exam period Winter
Make-up exam/re-exam
Same examination form as the ordinary exam
Description of the exam procedure
  1. You must have an academic supervisor from the Department of Marketing from whom you are eligible for 4 hours of supervision. The purpose of the supervision is to ensure that your exam project relates to relevant theoretical and empirical problems within the chosen study area. The supervisor should optimally be part of the research team that you work with during the course.
  2. You must suggest a curriculum of 1200 pages, which must be approved by the supervisor. The curriculum can only overlap with 400 pages of previously used literature. In your internship and internship report you may of course draw on – and appropriately refer to – literature you have used in your program of study, but 800 pages of the curriculum requirements for the exam project must be new. You need to document that the number of pages of literature summarize to the required numbers.
  3. You must submit a max. 30 page project report. The report must describe, analyze and discuss the tasks carried out and problems dealt with, while taking relevant theoretical and/or empirical literature into account.
  4. The report must be structured as an academic report with a clear research question, a literature review, a methodological section, and an analysis against the backdrop of the reviewed literature. The report must use appropriate academic referencing. Finally, it must include approximately ½ page of reflections concerning the academic skills learned at your CM-concentration and used during your research assistance, including a discussion of your key learnings in relation to your further studies and career.
  5. The report must be written in English. It must include a 500 words executive summery.
  6. The agreement with the research team and documentation of the completed research tasks must be enclosed in the Appendix.
  7. The report must be submitted digitally and will be graded according to the 7-point grading scale. Usually, the supervisor is also the examiner of the report.
Course content and structure

The project-oriented research program is an opportunity to link theoretical and methodological insights with research practice. The project-oriented research program at the Department of Marketing consists of a period of one semester during which a student works in close collaboration with researchers on one or several marketing related research projects. Therefore, students are only accepted if their wishes match research assistance needs of a researcher/research group. During the project-oriented research program, the student will participate in a research project and write an exam report on a topic of his/her choosing. However, the topic must be related to the research project(s) and be agreed upon with the researcher/research group shortly after the beginning of the 15 ECTS program. By the end of the course the student hands in a project report to be graded.


Only full degree cand.merc. students from a marketing concentration can participate in a project-oriented research program. To start a project-oriented research program the student must have passed all of their first year courses. This will give a solid academic foundation required for carrying out research related tasks, as well as heighten the quality of the written work the student has to submit for examination. The supervisor should be found among faculty employed at the Department of Marketing.


General requirements

The first step is to formulate a description of the research assistance tasks to be agreed upon by the student and the researcher/research team. As a guideline 15 ECTS correspond to 450 student working hours and the task description should clearly state the duration and deadlines for the tasks in order to make sure that the research assistance will not hinder normal study progression. The task content must be relevant for the student’s study program. Within the first three weeks of the research assistance the student must reach an agreement with the supervisor on a topic and a research question that falls within the profile of the study program. At the end of the course, the researcher/research team must confirm that the student has met the requirements of the initial task description. This confirmation must be enclosed as an appendix to the exam report. 


Sign-up process

OBS! You do NOT sign up through the usual self-service for electives! 


Available research projects are posted on Learn from March 2018 until May 2018 on an on-going basis. If you find a project of interest, contact the responsible researcher to set up an initial meeting. You are free to contact researchers from the Department of Marketing directly, even if no project has been published on Learn. 


To access the Learn page of this course and view available projects, please follow this link:



General questions, also about access to the Learn, can be sent to the course coordinator Antonia Erz, ae.marktg@cbs.dk.  


If you reach an agreement of collaboration with the responsible researcher, you need to sign up with the course coordinator (Antonia Erz, email: ae.marktg@cbs.dk) by sending a one-page motivational letter and a one page CV by May 15, 2018, 15:00. The motivational letter should state which researchers/research projects you agreed to assist during the project phase. 


Students will be informed about the final approval of enrollment in the beginning of June.


We have limited enrollment, depending on the available research projects.


Possibility of extended sign-up:
If, and only if, projects are still available on Learn after June 5, 2018, that search for a student, you may still sign up by following the steps outlined above. The deadline for this second and absolutely final sign-up with a motivational letter/short CV to the course coordinator is August 10. Students will be informed about their approval as soon as possible afterwards.


Description of the teaching methods
Learning by doing and through supervision.
Feedback during the teaching period
Each student is granted 4 hours of supervision.
Student workload
project-related research assistance/collaboration 100 hours
literature studies 200 hours
report writing 100 hours
research group interaction 50 hours
Last updated on 16-03-2018