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2019/2020  BA-BIMKO1021U  Cross-Cultural Studies for Marketing

English Title
Cross-Cultural Studies for Marketing

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Mandatory
Level Bachelor
Duration One Semester
Start time of the course Spring
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Study board
Study Board for BA in Intercultural Marketing Communication
Course coordinator
  • Fumiko Kano Glückstad - Department of Management, Society and Communication (MSC)
  • Richard Jones - Department of Marketing (Marketing)
Main academic disciplines
  • Customer behaviour
  • Intercultural studies
  • Marketing
Teaching methods
  • Face-to-face teaching
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Learning objectives
  • Demonstrate the ability to debate the definition of culture in a marketing context
  • Critically examine the implications culture has for buyer and seller preferences and behaviours
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the adaptation / standardisation dilemma and how this impact on marketing efforts
  • Discuss how cross-cultural considerations impact on the marketing research process
  • Evaluate the implications of culture for the marketing plan
  • Apply knowledge of culture to elements of the marketing mix
  • Identify the ethics, obstacles and successes that arise from diversity in societies
Cross-Cultural Studies for Marketing:
Exam ECTS 7,5
Examination form Home assignment - written product
Individual or group exam Individual exam
Size of written product Max. 10 pages
Assignment type Case based assignment
Duration 2 weeks to prepare
Grading scale 7-point grading scale
Examiner(s) One internal examiner
Exam period Summer
Make-up exam/re-exam
Same examination form as the ordinary exam
Description of the exam procedure

The students are given a case, and formulate (a) research question(s) from problems and challenges identified from the case company. The students have to formulate their own research questions, selecting and applying theories introduced in the course, and critically analyze empirical data by employing theories and methods learned through the course.

Course content, structure and pedagogical approach

Cultural understanding underpins the success of any marketing strategy. In local markets these understandings are (often) implicit, but nonetheless culture permeates our way of thinking, market relations, consumer and managerial behaviours, the structures within which these behaviours take place and priorities in a given society. An understanding of the cultural foundation of business stakeholders (e.g. consumers, customers, business partners, government, etc.) allows us to develop successful international marketing strategies.


This course presents a method for dealing with intercultural situations in international marketing as a basis for developing international marketing strategies. The course assumes a comprehensive understanding of core concepts in marketing and culture; we focus on the development of these ideas in relation to marketing across cultures and in case-based situations in order to foster a deeper understand of “how culture works” in these situations.


The course enables the student to develop his or her skills in intercultural marketing by building from core theories presented in the course Marketing Strategy and Global English and Intercultural Communication and applying this knowledge through case-based learning.

Description of the teaching methods
This course uses a variety of teaching forms. In addition to in-class based lectures, which are focused on introducing students to key concepts and theories in the course, the course will use a high degree of case- based teaching and exercises.
Feedback during the teaching period
Through a group-based assignment, the course will facilitate "student to student feedback" as well as teachers' feedbacks to each group assignment in the class and online.
Student workload
Course activities (including preparation) 120 hours
Exam (including exam preparation) 86 hours
Expected literature

Usunier, J. C., Lee, J. A. (2013). Marketing across cultures. 6th Edition, Pearson Education.

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