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2021/2022  DIP-DHDVV3003U  Entrepreneurial Finance

English Title
Entrepreneurial Finance

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Graduate Diploma
Duration One Quarter
Start time of the course Autumn
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Study board
Study Board for Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (part 2)
Course coordinator
  • Ali Mohammadi - Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI)
Main academic disciplines
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
Teaching methods
  • Blended learning
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Learning objectives
On successful completion of the course students should be able to:
  • Understand and compare various financial sources available to different types of start-ups.
  • Evaluate funding implications of business models and product strategy.
  • Conduct a financial valuation of a start-up firm and apply it in real cases.
  • Explain how terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors may be structured.
  • Compare exit possibilities for start-up companies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make recommendations for firms based on arguments that are sensible, logical and coherent.
Entrepreneurial Finance:
Exam ECTS 5
Examination form Home assignment - written product
Individual or group exam Individual exam
Size of written product Max. 10 pages
Assignment type Case based assignment
Duration 24 hours to prepare
Grading scale 7-point grading scale
Examiner(s) Internal examiner and second internal examiner
Exam period Autumn
Make-up exam/re-exam
Same examination form as the ordinary exam
Course content, structure and pedagogical approach

The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of the concepts and institutions involved in financing start ups. This course addresses key challenge all entrepreneurs faces: how much money can be raised; from whom and when should they raise money; how should they value their company; and how funding contracts are usually structured. During the course we focus on both the entrepreneur’s and the investor’s standpoints.

The course will provide participants with practical insights on a number of issues related to entrepre­neurial financing, including:

  • Evaluation of business opportubity.
  • Sources of funding
  • Valuation
  • Structuring deals
  • Exit options
Description of the teaching methods
Class sessions involve a mixture of lectures, class discussions, videos and guest speakers. Lectures are organized as interactive two-way communicative sessions in which students are invited to share their own experience and to critically contribute to the content of the course.
Feedback during the teaching period
Feedback will take place in class and during office hours if needed. Students will have optional quizzes during the course to be able to evaluate their knowledge and identify weaknesses.
Student workload
In class 30 hours
Exam and preparation 120 hours
Expected literature


Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Finance, Marco Da Rin and Thomas Hellmann, Oxford university press.

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