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2022/2023  MA-MMBAV2003U  Concentration in Entrepreneurship

English Title
Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 10 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Part Time Master
Duration One Quarter
Start time of the course Spring
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Study board
Study Board for Master of Business Administration
Course coordinator
  • Carmelo Cennamo - Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI)
  • Mercedes Delgado - Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI)
Main academic disciplines
  • Entrepreneurship
Teaching methods
  • Face-to-face teaching
Last updated on 04-07-2022

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Learning objectives
After completing this course students should be able to:
  • Apply theories and tools covered in the course to the problems faced by entrepreneurial firms in a context of uncertainty, extreme time pressure and decision making based on limited information
  • Learn about a new industry, technology, market
  • Strengthening their ability to identify problems-solutions for profitable markets, to analyze technical feasibility, to identify early-adopters and the right target market, and to define a path to commercialization, ultimately delivering real value to the startup
  • Learn key tools and skills needed in entrepreneurial ventures, including the ability to effectively coordinate work in a team
  • Providing exposure to entrepreneurial environments to inform future career decisions
Concentration in Entrepreneurship:
Exam ECTS 10
Examination form Home assignment - written product
Individual or group exam Individual exam
Size of written product Max. 20 pages
Assignment type Written assignment
Duration Written product to be submitted on specified date and time.
Grading scale 7-point grading scale
Examiner(s) Internal examiner and second internal examiner
Exam period Spring and Summer
Make-up exam/re-exam
Same examination form as the ordinary exam
Description of the exam procedure
  • Final project:
    • Nordic company: startup or intra-entrepreneurship project
    • Team project encouraged
    • The content for the project will be built throughout the concentration courses based on the different in-class modules and additional research outside class
Course content, structure and pedagogical approach

3-4 courses the concentration will consist of (preliminary – sequence TBD)

  1. Entrepreneurial Strategy
  2. Platform Strategy
  3. Engaging with the Innovation Ecosystem
  4. Entrepreneurship lab
Description of the teaching methods
The interactive teaching methods we apply, including in-class discussions, workshops, poster sessions, debates and walk-and-talks as well as guest presentations will yield the greatest benefit if you are prepared and ready for discussing the topics in the course material. Consequently, you are expected not only to read the material, but are also asked to reflect on its contents. In addition to your individual preparation you are asked to discuss and reflect upon some topics in groups. These group discussions will give you an opportunity to compare ideas and develop your thoughts of the topics discussed in class.
Feedback during the teaching period
Ongoing feedback during class hours, as well as individual feedback on the exam report.
Student workload
Preparation/self-studies 135 hours
Teaching hours 80 hours
Exam 30 hours
Last updated on 04-07-2022