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2023/2024  KAN-CSHRV3001U  Fri problemorienteret samfundsvidenskabelig opgave

English Title
Open problem-oriented assignment in social science


Sprog Dansk
Kursets ECTS 7,5 ECTS
Type Valgfag
Niveau Kandidat
Varighed Et semester
Starttidspunkt Efterår, Forår
Tidspunkt Skemaet bliver offentliggjort på calendar.cbs.dk
Studienævnet for cand.soc.
  • Liv Egholm - Institut for Business Humaniora og Jura (BHJ)
Primære fagområder
  • Human resource management/Human resource management
  • Organisation/Organisation
  • Sociologi/Sociology
  • Tilstedeværelsesundervisning
Sidst opdateret den 09-10-2023

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The successful free paper demonstrates the student’s ability to:
  • independently develop and justify a clear research question within the area of the students’ MSc.Soc. program
  • address the research question with appropriate and justified choices of theory and research, design, demonstrating awareness of alternative choices,
  • conduct literature search to locate own research substantively in relation to what has been previously done by identifying what is already known and providing new insights into where the own research may contribute (indicative literature requirements are presented below
  • arrive at a clear and well substantiated conclusion and offer persuasive implications
  • present the entire analysis in a clear and coherent manner
Forudsætninger for at deltage i kurset
Cand. soc studerende kan lave én fri problemorienteret samfundsvidenskabelig opgave. Alle 1. års fag skal være bestået forud for opgaven.
Fri problemorienteret samfundsvidenskabelig opgave:
Prøvens ECTS 7,5
Prøveform Skriftligt produkt udarbejdet hjemme
Individuel eller gruppeprøve Individuel prøve
Omfang af skriftligt produkt Max. 20 sider
Opgavetype Opgavebesvarelse
Udlevering af opgave Opgaven formuleres af de studerende selv, se evt. guidelines
Varighed Skriftligt produkt afleveres på en fastsat dato og tidspunkt.
Bedømmelsesform 7-trins-skala
Bedømmer(e) En eksaminator
Eksamensperiode Vinter og Sommer
Samme prøveform som ved ordinær prøve
Deadline for indlevering af revideret opgave (hvis opgave skrive i efteråret): 1. februar.
Deadline for indlevering af revideret opgave (hvis opgave skrive i foråret): 1. juli.
Beskrivelse af eksamensforløbet

Den frie problemorienteret samfundsvidenskabelig opgave kan laves i enten efterårssemestret eller forårssemestret.


Deadlines efterår:

Aflevere blanketten med emne/vejleder: 1. september

Aflevere opgaven: 1. december


Deadlines forår:

Aflevere blanketten med emne/vejleder: 1. februar

Aflevere opgaven: 1. maj


Når en cand. soc. studerende har lavet en aftale med en vejleder, skal blanketten udfyldes, underskrives af såvel studerende som vejleder og indsendes til



Blanketten er at finde på my.cbs.dk.

Kursets indhold, forløb og pædagogik

Beskrivelsen af indhold, forløb og pædagogik foreligger desværre kun på engelsk


Literature: 900 pages  to be agreed between student and supervisor.


There is not one standard template for a Open problem-oriented assignment in social science on the MSc.Soc.Sc. programs. Students make their own choices – in consultation with their supervisors – on research design, use of theory, methodology, and data.
All papers, however, must have a clear research question. Furthermore, all students are expected to

• reflect upon their research design, i.e. how they suggest building a scientific argument to arrive at justified answers to the research question,

• demonstrate awareness of alternative choices, and,

• towards the end of the paper, explicitly and persuasively present implications of their work.

Papers can be theory-driven as well as evidence-driven, and the methodology can be deductive as well as inductive. However, a theoretical element is required. Thus, papers should support or challenge existing theory or practice.

Students may achieve this objective by

• contributing to understanding of extant theories,
• using theory to explain a real-life phenomenon,
• initiating a search for new ideas by carefully delineating a novel type of problem,
• identifying new angles to a well-researched area, synthesizing recent advances and ideas into theoretical frameworks,
• initiating a search for new ideas by carefully delineating a novel type of problem, or
• discussing the theoretical implications of empirical findings, all driven by the
multidisciplinary nature of the MSc.Soc.Sc. programs.

Students are advised not to engage in large- scale collection of primary data, and
generally they should discuss with their supervisors the scope of the paper. If a study
appears unfeasible for reasons of method, funding, time or any other structural constraint, the student is advised to revisit the questions that have been posed in an effort to ensure a close fit between the method and the focus of the study.
Papers must meet the paper length requirements specified in the table below. Note that thenumber of pages refers to the standard CBS definition that includes an STU (standard typographical unit) or taps count and some further specifications. There is also a requirement for independent reading specified in the table below. This refers
to the reading of material that is not part of the fixed curriculum in the students’ MSc.Soc.Sc.program. This requirement is indicative and the way it is met is part of the assessment criteria.



Beskrivelse af undervisningsformer
Individuel opgave med vejledning. Vejledningen og dens format skal aftales mellem vejleder og studerende. Der tildeles 4 timers vejledning inklusiv vejlederens forberedelsestid.
Feedback i undervisningen
Der ydes individuel vejledning.
Undervisningsrelaterede aktiviteter 4 timer
Eksamen (inkl. eksamensforberedelse) 205 timer
Sidst opdateret den 09-10-2023