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KAN-CEBUO2000UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CEBUV1101U4 Weeks' Technical Project
KAN-CEBUV1102U4 Weeks' Business Project
KAN-CEBUV1103U4 Weeks' Policy/Law Project
KAN-CEBUV2000UDigital Entrepreneurship
KAN-CEBUV2021UArtificial Intelligence in the Marketplace
KAN-CEBUV2023UService Design
KAN-CEBUV2025UDesigning Business IT (T)
KAN-CEBUV2026UE-Business Smartphone App Development (T)
KAN-CEBUV2027UManaging Enterprise Architecture and Technology (T)
KAN-CEBUV2031UBig Social Data Analytics (T)
KAN-CEBUV2032UAdvanced EU Internet Law (P)
KAN-CEBUV2502U16 Weeks' Business Project
KAN-CEBUV2503U16 Weeks' Policy/Law Project
KAN-CEBUV2507U16 Weeks' Technical Project
KAN-CIEBV2006UThe IT Manager as a Business Leader
KAN-CINTO1005UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CINTO1010UEvidence Based Management
KAN-CINTO1011UBig Data Management
KAN-CINTO1012UWork, Technology, and Management in Creative Business
KAN-CINTO1013UTechnology and Organization in a Digital World
KAN-CINTO1014UInternet of Things
KAN-CINTO1015UCommunication in Action on the Social web
KAN-CINTO1016UInformation Economics and Business
KAN-CINTO1017UAdvanced Strategic Information Management
KAN-CINTO1018UIT project
KAN-CINTO1019UStrategy Making in Global Environments
KAN-CINTV1012UCloud Computing for Business
KAN-CINTV1015UA Digital Battlefield: How to transform a new business venture to a sustainable digital business?
KAN-CINTV3001UAdvanced IT Project Management
KAN-CINTV3002UThe Robot Armada is Coming. What's Next, Manager?