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BA-1FISFundamentals of Information Systems, Module 1
BA-DOEK_CIMSCritical Issues in IT Management & Strategy
BA-DOEK_INMInternet Marketing
BA-TBACBachelor project
BA-TIDIDefinition of Information Systems
BA-TIDSDistributed Systems / Larger Systems
BA-TIINInnovation and new technology
BA-TIISIntroduction to Information Systems and Information Systems Development
BA-TIPRProgramming and Development of Smaller Systems and Databases
BA-TIUSDevelopment of Larger Systems
BA-TOE1Business Economics (1): Managerial Economics
BA-TOE2Business Economics (2): Accounting
BA-TOE3Business Economics (3): Finance
BA-TOE4Business Economics (4): The company's internal economic organization
BA-TOE5Business Economics (5): The decision-making and the management-oriented financial management
BA-TOL1Introduction to Organizational Theory
BA-TOL2IT Project Management
BA-TOL3Management and Organization of Information Systems
BA-TOL4IT Strategy, -Architecture and Governance
BA-TTEOTheory of scientific method
KAN-CMIT_DBIA digital battle field: how do Internet giants compete?
KAN-CMIT_IEBInformation, Economics and Business
KAN-CMIT_VIRIIrrelevant information - The interpretation of subjectivity in communication and information retrieval
KAN-CMIT_VISSInnovation for sustainability – Solving real-world problems in the Øresund Region
KAN-CMIT_VSYISystem Integration
KAN-DISFDesigning Information Systems for the Future
KAN-DUUDesign for Use and Users
KAN-IMBEIIT Management and Business Economics One
KAN-ISCMIS & Change Management
KAN-MIRManaging the IT resources
KAN-SADISocial Analysis and Design of IT in Organizations
KAN-SIMStrategic Information Management
KAN-SIPSSocial Informatics: Principles of the Social Web
KAN-SMGEStrategy Making in Global Environments