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BA-BINTO1032UTheory of scientific method
BA-BINTO1049UBachelor project
BA-BINTO1051UBusiness Economics (3): Finance
BA-BINTO1053UBusiness Economics (4): The company's internal economic organization
BA-BINTO1054UBusiness Economics (5): The decision-making and the management-oriented financial management
BA-BINTO1055UInnovation and new technology
BA-BINTO1056UManagement of Information Systems - Change, Innovation and Knowledge
BA-BINTO1057UBusiness Economics (2): Accounting
BA-BINTO1058UIntroduction to Information Systems and Information Systems Development
BA-BINTO1059UIT Project Management
BA-BINTO1060UIntroduction to Organizational Theory
BA-BINTO1063UBusiness Economics (1): Managerial Economics
BA-BINTO1064UProgramming and Development of Smaller Systems and Databases
BA-BINTO1067UDistributed Systems
BA-BINTU1004UDefinition of Information Systems
BA-BINTU1006UDevelopment of Larger Systems
BA-BINTU1008UIT Strategy, -Architecture and Governance
BA-BINTU1010USocial Media Management
BA-BINTU3001UIT Contracts
BA-BINTV2001UWho Owns the Future? The Promise and Perils of the Coming Big Data Revolution
BA-DOEK_INMInternet Marketing
KAN-CINTO1019UStrategy Making in Global Environments
KAN-CINTV1010UThe Robot Armada is Taking Over. What's Next, Manager?