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2012/2013  BA-POL_PMUG  Modern UK Government, Politics and Society - towards a deeper understanding of societal and political changes in the UK

English Title
Modern UK Government, Politics and Society - towards a deeper understanding of societal and political changes in the UK

Course information

Language English
Exam ECTS 7.5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Bachelor
Duration One Semester
Course period Autumn, Spring
Spring schedule:
Monday, 11:40-14.15, week 6,8-16
Changes may accour.

Fall scedule: please see E-campus.
Time Table Please see course schedule at e-Campus
Max. participants 40
Study board
Study Board for BSc/MSc i International Business and Politics, BSc
Course coordinator
  • Ole Helmersen - Department of Intercultural Communication and Management
Maja Dueholm (md.ikl)
Main Category of the Course
  • International Politics
  • Political Science
  • Political leadership, public management and international politics
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Learning objectives
The learning objectives are to give students an opportunity to acquire an analytical and factual understanding of a major European country, i.e. the UK. A further objective is to give students the opportunity to engage actively in discussions of key issue relating to the UK and perhaps draw comparative parallels to other countries, Finally to allow the students to write an analytical essay-paper.
There will be no specific requirements other than those which students acquire in the programmes mentioned above.
Home assignment (10-p)/ An essay on subjects defined by the teacher
Home assignment/ An essay on subjects defined by the teacher:
Type of test Home Assignment
Marking scale Pass / Fail
Second examiner No second examiner
Exam period Winter Term and Summer Term
Aids Open Book, Written and Electronic Aid is permitted
Duration Please, see the detailed regulations below
Successful writing of an essay on a modern British politics topic. The exam paper will be a ‘write at home’ paper.
The course will be evaluated through the writing of an essay (10-pages)at the end of the course.
Course content
Modern UK Government, Politics and Society aims to introduce students to key issues in modern British government, politics and society; modern being defined as the period from 1945 until today.
The course will cover:
  • Political development post-1945 in three periods: A post-war consensus; the Thatcher revolution;  New Labour and the current coalition government
  • The British state; constitutional arrangements; the four nations debate; possible Scottish secession, national and subnational government; multi-level governance
  • Political ideas; political socialization; voting behavior; political culture; political parties
  • British identities
  • Elections; election systems; political results
  • Britain’s strained relations with Continental Europe/the EU
  • Scotland, Northern Ireland and (to a lesser extent) Wales
  • The British economy; the ‘Britain in decline debate’; deindustrialization
  • The financial crisis/debt crisis in the UK
  • How have/are ordinary people’s lives affected  by political changes; equality/inequality
  • How and in what ways has British society and culture in general changed over the period covered by the course. How is such change reflected in ‘cultural products’ (films, literature, etc.).
Teaching methods
Lectures and discussions in class on the basis of a set of questions for each teaching session.
Student workload
Der vil være et læsepensum på 50-70 sider pr. dobbelttime. Hvor mange timer de studerende bruger på det afhænger af læsehastighed og på hvor meget supplerende litteratur de læser. 7 hours
Expected literature
There will be one textbook: Andrew Marr (2007) “A History of Modern Britain”. If the course runs, the book will be made available through the CBS bookshop.

In addition, there will be a compendium of supplementary text to elaborate on some of the themes covered by the course. This will also be available through the bookshop
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