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2023/2024  KAN-CCMVA2407U  Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies

English Title
Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies

Course information

Language English
Course ECTS 2.5 ECTS
Type Elective
Level Full Degree Master
Duration Summer
Start time of the course Summer
Timetable Course schedule will be posted at calendar.cbs.dk
Min. participants 30
Max. participants 60
Study board
Study Board for cand.merc. and GMA (CM)
Course coordinator
  • Francesco Di Lorenzo - Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI)
Main academic disciplines
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
Teaching methods
  • Face-to-face teaching
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Learning objectives
1. Understand the foundations of Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • 2. Describing a specific Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy functions
  • 3. Assessing a specific Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy in the light of innovation value creation
Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies:
Exam ECTS 2,5
Examination form Active participation

The completion of this course is based on active student participation in class. The course will be considered as passed if the students participation - based on an overall assessment - in the class activities fulfill the learning objectives of the course. The individual student’s participation is assessed by the teacher.
The student must participate in A combination of assignment and presentation
Individual or group exam Individual exam
Grading scale Pass / Fail
Examiner(s) Assessed solely by the teacher
Exam period Summer
Make-up exam/re-exam Oral exam based on written product
The oral part of the re-take is online.
In order to participate in the oral exam, the written product must be handed in before the oral exam; by the set deadline. The grade is based on an overall assessment of the written product and the individual oral performance.
Size of written product: Max. 5 pages
Assignment type: Essay
Duration: 20 min. per student, including examiners' discussion of grade, and informing plus explaining the grade
Examiner(s): If it is an internal examination, there will be a second internal examiner at the re-exam. If it is an external examination, there will be an external examiner.
Description of activities
A combination of assignment and presentation: The student must participate in one group presentation and hand in one essay of two pages. 

In addition the student must participate in minimum 80 % of the scheduled teaching.
Course content, structure and pedagogical approach

The course engages students in understanding how firm use entrepreneurial strategies for growth and innovation. Ultimately, competitive dynamics are intensifying in several economic sectors and regions; entrepreneurial strategies are fundamental to review the corporate DNA and allow continuous innovative solutions to success in the marketplace.


Specific Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies:

  1. Accelerators/Incubators in corporate settings.
  2. Corporate Venture Capital.
  3. Platform Strategies for Corporate Entrepreneurship.
Description of the teaching methods
The teaching methods is based on:

1. Lectures
2. Real-life cases
3. Class exercise in groups
Feedback during the teaching period
Feedback are provided on demand
Student workload
Lecture 18 hours
Preparation 30 hours
Activities 22 hours
Expected literature

To be provided

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