Arkiverede Kurser : Studienævnet for BSc og MSc in Business, Language and Culture, MSc - 2017/2018

Arkiv2017/2018Studienævnet for BSc og MSc in Business, Language and Culture, MSc

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KAN-CCBDO1001UBusiness strategy in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets
KAN-CCBDO1002UInternational Business and Economic Development
KAN-CCBDO1004UGovernance and Development
KAN-CCBDO1005UEntrepreneurship for Development
KAN-CCBDO1006UManaging Foreign Direct Investment Projects in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets
KAN-CCBDO1007UCSR ‐ A Path to Sustainable Development?
KAN-CCBDO2000UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CCBLC1000URome-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
KAN-CCBLC1001UHamburg-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
KAN-CCBLC1002URiga-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
KAN-CCBLC1003UEdinburgh-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
KAN-CCBLC1004UHelsinki-Copenhagen Urban Challenge
KAN-CCBLI3001UThe Dynamics of Innovation, an Immersed Experience
KAN-CCBLO1701UBusiness and Social Responsibility in Francophone Countries
KAN-CCBLO2001UInnovation in Flux: An Asian Perspective on Innovation
KAN-CCBLO2002ULeading and Managing in Latin America
KAN-CCBLO2004UThe EU as a Global Actor
KAN-CCBLO2006UBusiness Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean
KAN-CCBLO2009UInstitutions and Business Strategy in the Chinese Context
KAN-CCBLO2010UManaging Development Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa
KAN-CCBLO2011UCompetition Policy and Competition Law in Europe
KAN-CCBLO2012UDiversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders
KAN-CCBLV1003UA consultants approach to UN reform: Understanding, challenging and improving the UN Development System
KAN-CCBLV1020UIdentities and languages in multinational organisations
KAN-CCBLV1601UPoverty, Sustainability and the Private Sector
KAN-CCBLV1602UDiversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders
KAN-CCBLV1604UCollecting, Coding and Analysing Qualitative Data
KAN-CCBLV1701UConsulting for Sustainability – Harnessing Business Models and Innovation
KAN-CCBLV1702UCreative Industries and creative work
KAN-CCBLV1703UMarketing in Emerging Markets: Seizing the market opportunities in the world’s main growth economies
KAN-CCBLV1704UShoes for the Cobblers Children; Designing Innovative Business Models for emerging economies
KAN-CCBLV1705UThe CBS Campus as a Living Lab of Sustainability: Fostering Partnerships with the Private Sector
KAN-CCBLV1717UField study: Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development in Uganda
KAN-CCBLV2000UInternship B (Language)
KAN-CCBLV2001UInternship A 7,5 ECTS
KAN-CCBLV2002UInternship A 15 ECTS
KAN-CCBLV2003UInternship A 22,5 ECTS
KAN-CCBLV2015UBusiness & Human Rights: Governance, Leadership and Management
KAN-CCDCO1001UOrganisational Change
KAN-CCDCO1002UDiversity Management – Diversity, Gender and Equality in Organisations
KAN-CCDCO1004ULeading Complex Organizations
KAN-CCDCO1005UManaging in Global Workplaces
KAN-CCDCO1029UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CCDCO2002UManaging Organizational Change in Global Organizations
KAN-CCDCO2006ULeading and Managing Intercultural Projects
KAN-CCMIU1000UCEMS Business Analytics
KAN-CCMIU1002UCEMS Global Strategic Management
KAN-CCMIU1004UCEMS Research Project
KAN-CCMIV1121UCEMS Business Project
KAN-CCMIV1158UCEMS Block Seminar
KAN-CCMIV1495UGlobal Management Practices