Archived Courses : Study Board for Master of Arts (MA) in International Business Communication in English - 2019/2020

Archive2019/2020Study Board for Master of Arts (MA) in International Business Communication in English

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KAN-CIBCO1002UKnowledge Management
KAN-CIBCO1008UOrganisational Communication II: Cultures and Identities
KAN-CIBCO2000UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CIBCV1503UVisual Communication
KAN-CIBCV1507UUnderstanding Markets Across Cultures
KAN-CIBCV1511UInternational advertising: Online course connecting theory and practice.
KAN-CIBCV1512UDigital marketing & Social media: From strategy to creative development (Online course)
KAN-CIBCV1513UNaming & Framing: Bag om ordets magt
KAN-CIBCV1514UConsumer Culture and Communication: Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning across the Global Market
KAN-CIBCV2056UAdvanced European Business and Politics: A Case-Based Approach
KAN-CIBCV3001UInternship 15 ECTS
KAN-CIBMO1001UConsumer Culture and Communication
KAN-CIBMO1003UBusiness to Business Sales and Relations Management
KAN-CIBMO2000UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CICOO1001UMarketing Strategy and Planning in an International Perspective
KAN-CICOO1003UFinancial and Legal Communication
KAN-CICOO1004UCross-Cultural Management
KAN-CICOO1005UInternational Strategic Management
KAN-CICOO1006UOrganizational Communication I: Structures and Dynamics
KAN-CICOO1007UInternational Business Negotiation
KAN-CICOO1008UCommunication Management
KAN-CICOO1009UProject in International Business Communication