Arkiverede Kurser : Studienævnet for BSc and MSc in Business, Language and Culture, BSc - 2018/2019

Arkiv2018/2019Studienævnet for BSc and MSc in Business, Language and Culture, BSc

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BA-BBLCO1156UBusiness Project (Area Specific Report)
BA-BBLCO1215UAccounting and Financial Analysis
BA-BBLCO1217UOrganisation and Corporate Communication
BA-BBLCO1218UBachelor Projekt
BA-BBLCO1221UCorporate Finance
BA-BBLCO1224UGlobalisation Studies
BA-BBLCO1226UQuantitative Business Research
BA-BBLCO1242UInternational Economics and Competitiveness
BA-BBLCO1245UBritish and American Studies 2
BA-BBLCO2010UBritish and American Studies 1
BA-BBLCO2015UInterdisciplinary Research Methods
BA-BBLCO2020UYear 1 Research Project on Business and Organizations in a Global Society
BA-BBLCO2022UCultural Analysis
BA-BBLCO6001UThe Corporation in Society: Managing Beyond Markets
BA-BBLCV1014UGlobal Strategic Management
BA-BBLCV1160UMarketing – The Essentials and the Trend Drivers
BA-BBLCV1162UScandinavian Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
BA-BBLCV1401UNegotiation Skills and Conflict Management – Drivers of Success and Complexity
BA-BBLCV1701UCSE Business Project
BA-BBLCV6000UFashion Entrepreneurship and Business Development
BA-BBLCV7500UArea Study Paper
BA-BBLFO1001UFrench Studies 1
BA-BBLFO1002UFrench Studies 2
BA-BBLFO1003UFrench Studies 3
BA-BBLFO1004UFrench Studies 4
BA-BBLSO1001USpanish Studies 1
BA-BBLSO1002USpanish Studies 2
BA-BBLSO1003USpanish Studies 3
BA-BBLSO1004USpanish Studies 4
BA-BBLTO1001UGerman Studies 1
BA-BBLTO1002UGerman Studies 2
BA-BBLTO1003UGerman Studies 3
BA-BBLTO1004UGerman Studies 4