Arkiverede Kurser : Studienævnet for BSc in Service Management - 2014/2015

Arkiv2014/2015Studienævnet for BSc in Service Management

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BA-BSACO1001UArt and Culture Marketing, 1st year project: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1002UService Management Foundations: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1003UManagement of Cultural projects, processes and organizations: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1004UCultural economics and politics, 2nd year project: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1005UCultural Entrepreneurship: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1006UIntroduction to Management Studies: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1007UService Economics: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1008UOrganizational Behavior: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1009UStrategy in a Service Perspective: Arts and Culture
BA-BSACO1010UPublic Regulations: Arts and Culture
BA-BSEMO1003UMethod l. Philosophy of science and qualitative methods
BA-BSEMO1004UManagerial Economics I
BA-BSEMO1005UMethod ll. Statistics and quantitative methods
BA-BSEMO1006UManagerial Economics II
BA-BSEMO1007UFinancial Accounting
BA-BSEMO1009UManagement Control Systems
BA-BSEMO1012UCorporate Finance
BA-BSEMO1014UBachelor Project
BA-BSEMO1327UTourism and Hospitality (for students enrolled in 2012 or earlier)
BA-BSEMO1328ULogistics & Transportation Management (for students enrolled 2012 or earlier)
BA-BSEMO1333UAdvanced Service Marketing (for students enrolled in 2012 or earlier)
BA-BSEMO1337UManagement of Creative Processes (for students enrolled in 2012 or earlier)
BA-BSEMV1019UExperience Economy – Strategy and Management- CANCELLED
BA-BSEMV1020UFinance Management
BA-BSEMV1137UEvent and Festival Management
BA-BSSIO1001UService Management Foundations: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1002UService Marketing, 1st year project: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1003UPrediction Markets and Crowdsourcing for Firm Innovation: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1004UService Development and Design, 2nd year project: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1005UService Innovation Lab: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1006UIntroduction to Management Studies: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1008UOrganizational Behavior: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1009UStrategy in a Service Perspective: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1010UPublic Regulations: Service and Innovation
BA-BSSIO1206UService Economics: Service and Innovation
BA-BSTHO1001UService Management Foundations: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1002UTourism Supply and Operations Management: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1003UContemporary Issues in Tourism Demand, 2nd year project: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1004UService Economics: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1005UTourism Business and Economics: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1006UIntroduction to Management Studies: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1008UOrganizational Behavior: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1009UStrategy in a Service Perspective: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1010UPublic Regulations: Tourism and Hospitality
BA-BSTHO1016UTourism Marketing, 1st year project: Tourism and Hospitality