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KAN-CJURO1012UAdvanced Law and Economics
KAN-CJURO1044UMaster's Thesis
KAN-CJURO1045UAdvanced EU Law
KAN-CJURO1046UAdvanced Law of Obligations
KAN-CJURO1074UAdvanced Game Theory and Applied Econometrics
KAN-CJURV1039UStrategic Contracting and Intermediaries in and outside EU
KAN-CJURV1070UAdvanced EU Competition Law and Industrial Economics I
KAN-CJURV1071UAdvanced EU Competition law and Industrial Economics II - study group
KAN-CJURV1073UInterdisciplinary Corporate Law and Governance
KAN-CJURV1074UValuation and Taxation of Derivatives and Hybrid Instruments
KAN-CJURV1076ULegal and Economic Risk Management in the Shipping Sector
KAN-CJURV1149UAdvanced labour law and personnel economics
KAN-CJURV1151UTorts and Insurance
KAN-CJURV1153UAdvanced Contract Law and Contract Economics
KAN-CJURV1158UInternational Intellectual Property, Competition and Innovation - The Strategic Use of Intellectual Property Rights
KAN-CJURV1298UContract Negotiation - Strategy and Drafting
KAN-CJURV7001UDoing business in an international legal and economic perspective - study group/Lausanne
KAN-CJURV7047UAdvanced Insolvency Law
KAN-CJURV7055USecurities Law
KAN-CJURV7057UAdvanced Marketing Practise Law
KAN-CJURV7070UEU Public Procurement Law
KAN-CJURV7071UEuropean Corporate Law and Governance
KAN-CJURV7072UCompany Law
KAN-CJURV7075ULaw and Management
KAN-CJURV7076UTrade Secrecy: Regulating and Protecting Confidential Information
KAN-CJURV7077UEU Consumer Law
KAN-CJURV7078UMergers and Acquisitions