Arkiverede Kurser : Studienævnet for BSc/Msc in International Business and Politics, MSc - 2022/2023

Arkiv2022/2023Studienævnet for BSc/Msc in International Business and Politics, MSc

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KAN-CPOLO1008UMaster’s thesis
KAN-CPOLO1033UManaging People in Multinational Corporations
KAN-CPOLO1043UAdvanced Mixed Methods
KAN-CPOLO1802UApplied International Political Economy
KAN-CPOLO1803UInternational Business: Market and Non-market Strategies
KAN-CPOLO1901UAdvanced Macroeconomics
KAN-CPOLO1902UGlobal Innovation Strategies
KAN-CPOLO1903UApplied Policy Analysis
KAN-CPOLO1905UCorruption: Causes, Consequences and Policies
KAN-CPOLO1906UBehavioural Economics and Public Policy
KAN-CPOLO1907UOrganizing Global Markets
KAN-CPOLO1908UAnalysis of Industry and Competition
KAN-CPOLO1911UTopics in Public Economics
KAN-CPOLO2050UAdvanced Quantitative Methods
KAN-CPOLO2051UGoverning Risk in the World Economy
KAN-CPOLV1002UFree Paper, 7,5 ECTS
KAN-CPOLV1003UFree Paper, 15 ECTS
KAN-CPOLV1024UBig Tech Platforms: Technology, Power & Politics
KAN-CPOLV1025UMaking the Private Sector Work for Sustainable Development: Tools to Enhance Impact of Development Interventions
KAN-CPOLV1026ULaw and Global Business
KAN-CPOLV1027UEmpirical Methods and Data in Macroeconomics
KAN-CPOLV1028UState-Market Relations & Different Pathways to Modern States with Market Economies
KAN-CPOLV3000UMSc IBP Internship, 7,5 ECTS
KAN-CPOLV3001UMSc IBP Internship, 15 ECTS
KAN-CPOLV3003UMSc IBP Internship, 30 ECTS