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BA-BHAAI1001UBasic Statistics for Business and Economics
BA-BHAAI1003UUndergraduate Consumer Behavior and Customer Analysis
BA-BHAAI1009UPrinciples of Financial Accounting
BA-BHAAI1011UUndergraduate Financial Modeling
BA-BHAAI1013UUndergraduate International Financial Management and Hedging
BA-BHAAI1014UInternational Marketing Management: Strategic Thinking for Managing and Marketing in a Global Economy
BA-BHAAI1015UIntroduction to Marketing
BA-BHAAI1020UOrganizational Communication and Reputation Management - Theory and Practice
BA-BHAAI1022UPrinciples of Macroeconomics
BA-BHAAI1023UPrinciples of Microeconomics – a Business Perspective
BA-BHAAI1028UUndergraduate Corporate Finance
BA-BHAAI1034UThe Persuasive Power of External Communication in Shaping Business Fates and Fortunes
BA-BHAAI1041UOrganisational Behaviour and Organisational Analysis
BA-BHAAI1057UPersuasion and Communication: Theory and Practice
BA-BHAAI1064UManaging Strategically in a Globalised World
BA-BHAAI1066UPrinciples of Investment Finance
BA-BHAAI1068UMicroeconomics – Principles and Applications
BA-BHAAI1069UApplied Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics
BA-BHAAI1070UConsumer Behaviour and Social Marketing
BA-BHAAI1071UChange Management and The Values-Driven Organization
BA-BHAAI1072UUndergraduate Managerial Accounting
BA-BHAAO1587UOrganizational Analysis
BA-BHAAO1591UManagerial Economics
BA-BHAAO1598UManagement Accounting
BA-BHAAO1601UCorporate Finance
BA-BHAAO1607UFinancial Reporting and Analysis
BA-BHAAO1611UCommercial Law
BA-BHAAO1701UMethodologies and Theories of Science in General Business Studies
BA-BHAAV1008UQualitative methods
BA-BHAAV1012UTransfer Pricing in Multinational Enterprises
BA-BHAAV1014UHuman Resource Management
BA-BHAAV1016UQuantitative Methods
BA-BHAAV1027USupply Chain Management - the route to competitive advantage
BA-BHAAV1040UBusiness Strategy
BA-BHAAV1054UCANCELED_Organizational Behaviour
BA-BHAAV1058UManagement Accounting and Control Systems
BA-BHAAV1066UInternational Marketing & Export Management
BA-BHAAV1072UPersonal Finance
BA-BHAAV1082UFinancial Marketing Management & Strategy
BA-BHAAV1366UStrategic Management
BA-BHAAV1581UMerger and acquisition
BA-BHAAV1988URetail Marketing
BA-BHAAV2003UGoogle, Ebay, Amazon – Management Challenges in Networked Businesses
BA-BHAAV2032UConsumer Behavior and Qualitative Methods
BA-BHAAV2260UEntrepreneurial Strategy
BA-BHAAV2261UBusiness Planning and Development
BA-BHAAV2262UEntrepreneurial Finance
BA-BHAAV2389UBehavioral Finance
BA-BHAAV2604UEU law from a business perspective
BA-BHAAV2644UMarketing & the Consumer Market
BA-BHAAV2645UInternational Business Negotiation
BA-BHAAV3003UManaging People
BA-BHAAV3005UApplied Microeconomics for Firms
BA-BHAAV3007UThe Economics of the Euro
BA-BHAAV4025UDigital Media Strategy
BA-BHAAV4491UFinancial derivatives and their applications
BA-BHAAV5000UContemporary issues in applied Sales and Price Setting methods
BA-BHAAV5003UIntroduction to Sustainable Business
BA-BHAAV5005UOperations Management - Driving Competitiveness through Operational Effectiveness
BA-BHAAV5006UInnovation Management
BA-BHAAV5007USurvey Design
BA-BHAAV5008UStrategic Analysis
BA-BHAAV5009UStrategic Management of Innovation and Technology
BA-BHAAV6002UFinancial Reporting - Intermediate - IFRS (Danish - full semester)
BA-BHAAV6006UCorporate Strategy
BA-BHAAV6008UForecasting in Business and Economics
BA-BHAAV6009UEconomic Growth and Decline of Firms, Industries and Nations
BA-BHAAV6012UEconomy & Sociology – Theory and Method in Classical and Modern Social Theory
BA-BHAAV6013UQualitative Methods in Marketing and Consumer Research
BA-BHAAV6015UPricing Management in Theory and Practice
BA-BHAAV6020UEU, the Internal Market and Business Strategy
BA-BHAAV6021UGlobal People Management: Human Resource Management & Leadership
BA-BHAAV7010UTopics in International Finance
BA-BHAAV9100UFinal Project Work
BA-BHAEO2001UIntellectual Property Rights and Strategy
BA-BHAEO2002UEntrepreneurship 2