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MA-MMPGO1005UMaster thesis
MA-MMPGO1006UMPG introduction and development
MA-MMPGO1007ULeadership development
MA-MMPGV1049UCommunication and Leadership
MA-MMPGV1059UPublic governance and management
MA-MMPGV1061ULeadership of reform and innovation
MA-MMPGV1081UMethods of Social Science
MA-MMPGV1084UTrust Management
MA-MMPGV1116UExistence and management
MA-MMPGV1149UStrategic HRM
MA-MMPGV1150UManagement control of the public sector
MA-MMPGV1151UDigitization, organization and governance
MA-MMPGV1152UStrategic Management
MA-MMPGV1502UPolitical Budgets
MA-MMPGV1505UWritten Exercises and Argumentation
MA-MMPGV1705UJoint public management - policy, strategy and practice
MA-MMPGV1707UPersonal leadership, transformative dialogues and protreptics
MA-MMPGV1708UOrganizational psychology and conflict management
MA-MMPGV1709UManaging upwards in public sector hierarchies
MA-MMPGV2003UImplementation of strategy in practice - to translate strategies
MA-MMPGV2010UManagement of professionals
MA-MMPGV2011UManagement and motivation in the Public sector
MA-MMPGV2024UProfessional judgement under pressure
MA-MMPGV2026UManagement as public value creation
MA-MMPGV2031URhetoric for Leaders
MA-MMPGV2059UPublic governance and management
MA-MMPGV2061ULeadership of reform and innovation
MA-MMPGV2108ULeadership: theory and practice in public organizations
MA-MMPGV2115UThe Rhetoric of Management
MA-MMPGV2118USense-making and identity in changing organisations
MA-MMPGV2119UManaging knowledge sharing. Perspectives, challenges and opportunities.
MA-MMPGV4001UManagement of partnership between public and private
MA-MMPGV4003UThe relation between politicians and public leaders
MA-MMPGV4104UPolyphony and political communication
MA-MMPGV5013UNarrative management of cross-functional co-operation
MA-MMPGV5016UDoing Strategy Differently