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BA-EUB_BAP6Bachelor Project
BA-EUB_CCE1Culture and Cultural Economy
BA-EUB_CCU4Communicating across Cultures
BA-EUB_DEU1Denmark in Europe
BA-EUB_EMB3Europe as a Multicultural Business Environment
BA-EUB_EOE2An Introduction to Management Studies
BA-EUB_IBU3International Business
BA-EUB_IEU4Non-European Markets, European Business beyond Europe.
BA-EUB_KTVECross-Boundary Communication (English)
BA-EUB_KTVFCross-Boundary Communication (French)
BA-EUB_KTVSCross-Boundary Communication (Spanish)
BA-EUB_KTVTCross-Boundary Communication (German)
BA-EUB_MPIEOral Presentation and Interaction (English)
BA-EUB_MPIFOral Presentation and Interaction (French)
BA-EUB_MPISOral Presentation and Interaction (Spanish)
BA-EUB_MPITOral Presentation and Interaction (German)
BA-EUB_RKO2Rhetoric and Communication
BA-EUB_SMKEOral Communication (English)
BA-EUB_SMKFOral Communication (French)
BA-EUB_SMKSOral Communication (Spanish)
BA-EUB_SMKTOral Communication (German)
BA-EUB_STVELanguage, Texts and Context (English)
BA-EUB_STVFLanguage, Texts and Context (French)
BA-EUB_STVSLanguage, Text and Context (Spanish)
BA-EUB_STVTLanguage, Texts and Contexts (German)
BA-EUB_TOREWriting Professional Texts (English)
BA-EUB_TORFWriting Professional Texts (French)
BA-EUB_TORSWriting Professional Texts (Spanish)
BA-EUB_TORTWriting Professional Texts (German)
BA-EUB_VME4Philosophy and Methods of Science
BA-EUB_VPR6Knowledge Sharing and Project Management