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BA-BEUBO1002UCulture and Cultural Economy
BA-BEUBO1005URhetoric and Communication
BA-BEUBO1006UAn Introduction to Management Studies
BA-BEUBO1008UEurope as a Multicultural Business Environment
BA-BEUBO1009UInternational Business
BA-BEUBO1011UCommunicating across Cultures
BA-BEUBO1012UNon-European Markets, European Business beyond Europe.
BA-BEUBO1014UKnowledge Sharing and Project Management
BA-BEUBO1015UBachelor Project
BA-BEUBO1016UPhilosophy and Methods of Science
BA-BEUBO1017UDanish businesses in Europe
BA-BEUBO2000UInternship - 15 ECTS
BA-BEUBO2001UInternship - 7,5 ECTS
BA-BEUEO1001ULanguage, Texts and Context (English)
BA-BEUEO1004UOral Communication (English)
BA-BEUEO1007UWriting Professional Texts (English)
BA-BEUEO1010UCross-Boundary Communication (English)
BA-BEUEO1013UOral Presentation and Interaction (English)
BA-BEUFO1001ULanguage, Texts and Context (French)
BA-BEUFO1004UOral Communication (French)
BA-BEUFO1007UWriting Professional Texts (French)
BA-BEUFO1010UCross-Boundary Communication (French)
BA-BEUFO1013UOral Presentation and Interaction (French)
BA-BEUSO1001ULanguage, Text and Context (Spanish)
BA-BEUSO1004UOral Communication (Spanish)
BA-BEUSO1007UWriting Professional Texts (Spanish)
BA-BEUSO1010UCross-Boundary Communication (Spanish)
BA-BEUSO1013UOral Presentation and Interaction (Spanish)
BA-BEUTO1001ULanguage, Texts and Contexts (German)
BA-BEUTO1004UOral Communication (German)
BA-BEUTO1007UWriting Professional Texts (German)
BA-BEUTO1010UCross-Boundary Communication (German)
BA-BEUTO1013UOral Presentation and Interaction (German)