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BA-E160Trading in Financial Markets
BA-HA_E114Strategic Intangibles Management: Value creation at the individual level
BA-HA_E122Corporate Governance
BA-HA_E125Retail Marketing
BA-HA_E130Strategic Network Design – Management of supply and distribution
BA-HA_E132Projektledelse og –styring
BA-HA_E133Markedsføring på forbrugermarkeder
BA-HA_E135EU law from a business perspective
BA-HA_E136International Business Negotiation
BA-HA_E137International Corporations and Global Markets
BA-HA_E144Behavioural Finance
BA-HA_E145‘Green Innovation’ – The climate change opportunities
BA-HA_E15Quantitative Methods in Finance and Economics
BA-HA_E151Supply Chain Management - et globalt perspektiv
BA-HA_E158Human Resource Management
BA-HA_E162Financial derivatives and their applications
BA-HA_E163Climate Strategies for Business
BA-HA_E164The Economics of Entrepreneurial Business
BA-HA_E165Global People Management: Leadership and Human Resource Management
BA-HA_E166Systemic Innovation: Challenge to Business
BA-HA_E167Competing in Asia: the consultant’s perspective
BA-HA_E168Competing in North America: the consultant’s perspective
BA-HA_E169Corporate Strategy
BA-HA_E170Supply Chain Management – vejen til konkurrencemæssige fordele
BA-HA_E171Introduction to Sustainable Business
BA-HA_E172Leadership, Organizing and progressing of voluntary work
BA-HA_E173Entrepreneurship – virksomhedsetablering/start af nye forretningsområder
BA-HA_E174Innovation Management
BA-HA_E30Business Strategy
BA-HA_E31International Management
BA-HA_E35EU, The European Market and Business Strategy
BA-HA_E42Organizational Behaviour
BA-HA_E44Strategic Management
BA-HA_E46Management Accounting and Control Systems
BA-HA_E54Organising Global Business and Marketing
BA-HA_E56International Marketing & Export Management
BA-HA_E60Personal Finance
BA-HA_E61Issues in International Finance
BA-HA_E68Sports Economics
BA-HA_E683Sports Economics
BA-HA_E70Økonomistyret Marketing & Strategi
BA-HA_E81Innovation in Emerging Markets
BA-HA_E82Project Management
BA-HA_E96Merger and acquisition
BA-HA_HU02International Finance
BA-HA_HU04Organisational Behaviour
BA-HA_HU1AManagerial Accounting
BA-HA_HU1FPrinciples of Sustainable Accounting and Finance
BA-HA_HU1HCross-Cultural and Global Marketing
BA-HA_HU1IConsumer Behaviour and Customer Analysis
BA-HA_HU20English for Business Purposes
BA-HA_HU26Value Based Leadership
BA-HA_HU27Business, Society and Ethics
BA-HA_HU2DStrategic Management
BA-HA_HU4BEntrepreneurship and Small Business Formation
BA-HA_HU71Corporate Finance
BA-HA_HU72Introduction to Marketing
BA-HA_HU73Managerial Finance
BA-HA_HU86Financial Derivatives
BA-HA_HU8DInternational Business Negotiation
BA-HA_HU8GIntroductory Business Statistics(Cancelled, new statistics course on the way)
BA-HA_HU8IMarketing Strategy and Marketing in Specific Contexts
BA-HA_HU8JGlobal Marketing
BA-HA_HU8KGlobal Financial Crisis
BA-HA_HU8LLeading and Managing Organizations
BA-HA_HU8MIntroduction to Audit and Risk Control
BA-HA_HU8NFinancial Accounting
BA-HA_HU8OFundamentals of Managerial Economics and Business Analysis
BA-HA_HU8PUnderstanding New Public Management (intensive)
BA-HA_HU8SBasic Statistics for Business and Economics
BA-HA_HU9BInvestment Analysis
BA-HA_R51Oral Communication Skills in English
BA-HA_R73English Skills for Business Students
BA-HA_R75Effective writing
BA-HABACHFinal Project Work
BA-HAEKSFinancial Reporting and Analysis
BA-HAERVCommercial Law
BA-HAFINFinancial Management
BA-HAIEBInternational Economics and Business
BA-HAMAKROIntermediate Macroeconomics
BA-HAMEManagerial Economics
BA-HAMETQuantitative Methods
BA-HAOEKOManagement Accounting
BA-HAORGOrganizational Analysis
BA-HAQMETQualitative Methods
BA-HAVIDMethodologies and Theories of Science in General Business Studies