Archived Courses : Study Board for BA in Intercultural Marketing Communication - 2012/2013

Archive2012/2013Study Board for BA in Intercultural Marketing Communication

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BA-IMK_BPBachelor Project
BA-IMK_CACCommunicating across Cultures
BA-IMK_CCBCorporate Communication and Branding
BA-IMK_EOE1Managerial Economics 1
BA-IMK_EOE2Managerial Economics 2
BA-IMK_FVTheory of Science
BA-IMK_IHInternational Commercial Law
BA-IMK_IMInternational Marketing Texts, French, Spanish or German
BA-IMK_IMEInternational Marketing Texts, English
BA-IMK_KIOOrganizational Communication
BA-IMK_KOKKultur‐ og kommunikationsteori
BA-IMK_MAMarketing Audit
BA-IMK_MKIOral Communication and Interaction, French, Spanish or German
BA-IMK_MKIEOral Communication and Interaction, English
BA-IMK_MSMarketing Strategy
BA-IMK_MSDCMedia Strategy in Digital Communication
BA-IMK_SKCreative Writing
BA-IMK_TCInterdisciplinary Case
BA-IMK_TFUnderstanding Professional Texts, French, Spanish or German
BA-IMK_TFEUnderstanding Professional Texts, English
BA-IMK_TOWriting Professional Texts, French, Spanish or German
BA-IMK_TOEWriting Professional Texts, English
BA-IMK_VFGCGlobalization of cultures: theories and practices
BA-IMK_VFKJKommunikationsmedarbejderens journalistiske opgaver
BA-IMK_VFNFNaming & Framing: Creative wordmaking as a vehicle for innovative thinking and product development
BA-IMK_VFPRPublic Relations
BA-IMK_VFVIVisuel identitet og profil
BA-IMK_VFWDWeb Interaction Design and Communication - New Forms of Interaction, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration