Arkiverede Kurser : Studienævnet for cand. merc. - 2012/2013

Arkiv2012/2013Studienævnet for cand. merc.

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KAN-AEF_41The Firm in a Global Environment
KAN-AEF_51Corporate Finance
KAN-AEF_AE40Firm Theory and Corporate Governance
KAN-AEF_AE50Inter-firm Relations: Industrial Organization
KAN-AEF_AE55International Finance
KAN-AEF_AE57Capital Market Theory
KAN-AEF_AE58Applied Econometrics
KAN-AEF_AE59Business Project in Applied Economics and Finance
KAN-ASC_AS20Financial Statement Analysis
KAN-ASC_AS50Cost and Management Accounting
KAN-ASC_AS51Accounting and Control
KAN-ASC_AS52Risk Management and Corporate Finance
KAN-ASC_AS53Performance Measurement and Incentives
KAN-ASC_AS54Implementation of Accounting
KAN-BCM_BC50Perspectives on Consumer Behaviour
KAN-BCM_BC51Neuroscience of Branding
KAN-BCM_BC52Marketing Communication
KAN-BCM_BC53Brand Governance
KAN-BCM_BC54Strategic Brand Management and PharmaSim Simulation Game
KAN-BCM_BC55Socio-Cognitive Science of Branding
KAN-BCM_BC56Positioning and Creative Strategies for Integrated Marketing Communication
KAN-BCM_BC57Advanced Project Work
KAN-CM_A104Reklamen og dens omverden
KAN-CM_A106Mediastrategi og Mediaplanlægning
KAN-CM_A114Business-to-Business Marketing
KAN-CM_A117Strategic Brand Management
KAN-CM_A118Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
KAN-CM_A122Business Coaching – Hvad, hvorfor og hvordan?
KAN-CM_A141Online marketing
KAN-CM_A142The Store as a Distribution Channel, Brand and Shopping Scene
KAN-CM_A201Emotion, Reason and Consumer Choice
KAN-CM_A206Marketing Communication Planning and Research
KAN-CM_A207Marketing and E-commerce
KAN-CM_A208The role of emotions in marketing and communication management
KAN-CM_A209International Marketing
KAN-CM_A210Developing Commercial Competence
KAN-CM_A211Interorganizational B2B Sales Processes
KAN-CM_A212Urban Metabolism & Innovation in a cradle-to-cradle perspective
KAN-CM_A213Consumer Behaviour and Applied Statistics
KAN-CM_A214Innovation for sustainability – Solving real-world problems in the Øresund Region
KAN-CM_A68Direct marketing
KAN-CM_B130Managing Organizational Change and Development
KAN-CM_B132The Challenge of Managing Professional Services and Knowledge Intensive Firms
KAN-CM_B135Managing Human Resources in Flexible Organizations and Labor Markets
KAN-CM_B136Talent- og karriereudvikling - dilemmaer i teori og praksis
KAN-CM_B137Innovating sustainable products and Business Development: The challenges of Unlocking and transforming lock-in
KAN-CM_B138New media and digital corporate communication
KAN-CM_B84Human Resource Management
KAN-CM_B84EHuman Resource Management
KAN-CM_C21Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Corporation in the Global Economy
KAN-CM_C22Managing Strategy Implementation in the Modern Corporation
KAN-CM_E102Designing Innovative Organizations
KAN-CM_E103Economic Theory and Economic & Corporate Development
KAN-CM_E105Tværfaglig mesterlære i ledelse, organisation og innovation
KAN-CM_E106Innovation & kommercialiseringsstrategi i Medico industrien
KAN-CM_E32The Recent Financial Crisis and Its Predecessors: Crisis, contagion, political and corporate response
KAN-CM_E33Arts Management
KAN-CM_E35Design-Driven Innovation Strategy
KAN-CM_E36From good idea to venture: How high-potential start-up companies overcome strategic issues
KAN-CM_E94Videndeling – perspektiver, problemer og praksis
KAN-CM_E98Managing in the Creative Economy
KAN-CM_E99Kontekstuel Branding
KAN-CM_F65Financial Models in Excel, (Quarter version)
KAN-CM_F65BFinancial Models in Excel (full semester version)
KAN-CM_F82Boligøkonomi og finansiering
KAN-CM_F85Corporate Governance
KAN-CM_F87Topics of Finance
KAN-CM_F89Asset Allocation
KAN-CM_F90Udvidet boligøkonomi og finansiering
KAN-CM_FR67Obligationer og Rentestrukturteori
KAN-CM_J24Strategisk forandringsledelse
KAN-CM_J27Alliance Management in Global Context
KAN-CM_J28Business Plan Writing for Social Enterprises
KAN-CM_J29CASES in Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology
KAN-CM_J31Flash-of-genius: From creative insight to successful innovation
KAN-CM_J36Kompensationspolitik i teori og praksis
KAN-CM_J39Process Management, 1st Module MIP Minor
KAN-CM_J40Socially Responsible Consumer Marketing
KAN-CM_J41Strategy Execution
KAN-CM_J42Strategy Making and Value Creation by the Use of Intangibles
KAN-CM_J44Trust and Trust-building in International Business
KAN-CM_J66Strategic Change Management
KAN-CM_J67Supply Chain Management in Industry Environments – From theoretical concepts to management applications
KAN-CM_J68Global Strategy and Technology
KAN-CM_J69Corporate Governance in International Perspective
KAN-CM_K72Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Change Using the Power of Entrepreneurship
KAN-CM_M62Personalejura og arbejdsret
KAN-CM_M67Markedsføringsret – ulovlig og lovlig markedsføring.
KAN-CM_M91Comparative Corporate Law and Governance
KAN-CM_MI51Strategy and Market Development
KAN-CM_N63Methods in Empirical Business Economics
KAN-CM_N73Economics and Management of Innovation
KAN-CM_N75Empirical Industrial Organization with Applications to Competition Policy.
KAN-CM_N76Household Economics
KAN-CM_OE51Perspektiver på Projektledelse
KAN-CM_OE64Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains
KAN-CM_R72Strategy problem solving in management consulting
KAN-CM_R80Køb og Salg af virksomheder
KAN-CM_R81Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
KAN-CM_R82Transfer Pricing i Multinationale Koncerner
KAN-CM_SEMElite: IT-based modeling of supply chains and implementation
KAN-CM_SU06Topics in Finance
KAN-CM_SU1JPsychology of Decision Making
KAN-CM_SU1QStrategic Management
KAN-CM_SU2CHumanitarian Operations (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU4FMarketing Decision Models (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU4GApplied Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics
KAN-CM_SU5BEntrepreneurship: Innovation, Enterprise, Success
KAN-CM_SU81Integrated Marketing Communications (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU82Innovation and New Product (incl. Green Products) Management
KAN-CM_SU84Graduate Corporate Finance
KAN-CM_SU85Microfinance and Development (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU8ANegotiation and Conflict Management (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU8KStatistics for Business and Economics (Cancelled, new statistics course on the way)
KAN-CM_SU8MSocial Media Marketing (intensive)
KAN-CM_SU8NBusiness, Society and Ethics
KAN-CM_SU8OBond Markets
KAN-CM_SU8PTrading and Exchanges
KAN-CM_SU8QGlobal Financial Crisis
KAN-CM_SU8RLeading and Managing Organizations
KAN-CM_SU8SBusiness Model Innovation (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU8TDesign management
KAN-CM_SU92Human Resource Management
KAN-CM_SU97Cross-Cultural Management
KAN-CM_SU9AInternational Monetary Economics
KAN-CM_SU9ESustainable Performance Evaluation and Reporting Systems
KAN-CM_SU9FAdvanced Quantitative Modelling for Managerial Decision Making
KAN-CM_SU9GIntroduction to Purchasing in a Globalized Market (Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU9HCoaching and Mentoring Practice
KAN-CM_SU9IAuthentic Leadership
KAN-CM_SU9JNew Public Management. Reformation of the state, regions and municipalities(Intensive)
KAN-CM_SU9KCleantech Innovation Camp
KAN-CM_T26Planning and Control in Operations Management and Supply Chain
KAN-CM_T68International Logistics Management
KAN-CM_T74Business Process Excellence
KAN-CM_T75Efficiency and Innovation: A possible combination
KAN-CM_T77Operations and Supply Chain Management
KAN-CM_T78Sustainable Management Accounting and Finance
KAN-CM_T86Designing and Managing the Supply Chain
KAN-CM_T87Commercialization of high tech concepts – entrepreneurship and science in action
KAN-CM_T88Managing product development and innovation, module of Minor in Process Management and Innovation
KAN-CM_T89Global Transportation and Maritime Logistics
KAN-CM_T90Management of Maritime Operations within Supply Chains
KAN-CM_T91Applying Excel Models for Business and Operations Management
KAN-CM_T92Managing Green and Sustainable Business Environments
KAN-CM_T93Design Management
KAN-CM_T94Strategic Service Process Management
KAN-CM_U110ACorporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders
KAN-CM_U110BCorporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders
KAN-CM_U110CCorporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders
KAN-CM_U110DCorporate Social Responsibility: Challenge and Opportunity for Business Leaders
KAN-CM_U121Global Stock Markets
KAN-CM_U125Strategies for sustainable consumption
KAN-CM_U127Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
KAN-CM_U128Institutions, Strategy and Dynamics of Industrial Change in Asia
KAN-CM_U129Strategic Innovation Management and Execution: The Experience Economy
KAN-CM_U130China, India and Global Business Revolution
KAN-CM_U82International Negotiations
KAN-CM_U90Managing Innovation in the Multinational Enterprise
KAN-CM_V67Managing Outsourcing in the age of Globalization and Innovation
KAN-CM_V74Agribusiness and Innovation
KAN-CM_V87Social Innovation Camp: Creating sustainable tools and business models
KAN-CM_V88Developments in International Shipping
KAN-CM_V89Introduction to System Dynamics
KAN-CM_V91Sustainable Business Strategy and Innovation
KAN-EMF_EF40Strategisk Markedsføringsplanlægning II
KAN-EMF_EF41Strategisk Markedsføringsplanlægning I
KAN-EMF_EF42Performance Management and Marketing
KAN-EMF_EF50Relationship Marketing
KAN-EMF_EF52Forbrugeradfærd og Økonomisk Psykologi
KAN-EMF_EF56Business-to-Business Markedsføring
KAN-FIR_FR24Skat / Finansieringsret og Selskabsret
KAN-FIR_FR25Økonomistyring / Finansielle Instrumenter
KAN-FIR_FR51Corporate Finance
KAN-FIR_FR53International Finance
KAN-FSM_FS51Financial Markets & Instruments
KAN-FSM_FS52Risk Management
KAN-FSM_FS54Corporate Finance
KAN-FSM_FS55Corporate Governance and Finance
KAN-FSM_FS56Corporate Strategy
KAN-FSM_FS57Theory of the Firm
KAN-FSM_FS58Strategic Management
KAN-HRM_HR21Praktik - Det projektorienterede forløb
KAN-HRM_HR27Strategisk HRM og Human Resource Development (HRD)
KAN-HRM_HR54HRM i relation til organisering og ledelse
KAN-HRM_HR55Politik, økonomi og kultur
KAN-IBS_IB40International Business and Strategy
KAN-IBS_IB42International Business in Emerging Markets
KAN-IBS_IB45Applied Business Research
KAN-IBS_IB46Analysis of International Industries and Competition
KAN-IBS_IB47International Financial Markets
KAN-IBS_IB48Business Project in International Business
KAN-IBS_IB49International Corporate Governance
KAN-IBS_IB55The International Business Environment: Strategy, Policy, and Organisation
KAN-IMM_IM41Business Project
KAN-IMM_IM44Perspectives in Marketing and Marketing Research
KAN-IMM_IM45Management Accounting
KAN-IMM_IM47Foundations of Strategy
KAN-IMM_IM48International Management – Emerging Perspectives
KAN-IMM_IM55International Business and Strategy
KAN-IMM_IM56Managing International Operations
KAN-IMM_IM58International Marketing
KAN-MIB_MI20Innovation and Knowledge
KAN-MIB_MI40Integrated Project
KAN-MIB_MI50Management Control and Finance
KAN-MIB_MI54Project Management and Product Development
KAN-SCM_SE54Sourcing and Supply Management
KAN-SCM_SE55Managing Global Supply Chain Operations
KAN-SCM_SE56Supply Chain Business Project
KAN-SCM_SE58Supply Chain Strategies
KAN-SCM_SE59Performance Management in Supply Chains and Networks
KAN-SCM_SE60International Macro and Financial Markets
KAN-SCM_SE61Decision Making in Supply Chain Management
KAN-SCM_SE62Consumer Driven Supply Chains
KAN-SMC_SM22Marketing, Creativity and Innovation
KAN-SMC_SM23Strategic Leadership and Brand Management
KAN-SMC_SM56Managing Knowledge, Projects and Teams
KAN-SMC_SM58Marketing Research in Innovation Processes
KAN-SMC_SM59Consumer's Experiences and Design
KAN-SMC_SM60Corporate Branding and Communities
KAN-SOL_OS24Managing organizational change
KAN-SOL_OS40Business Strategy
KAN-SOL_OS42Accounting and Performance Measurement
KAN-SOL_OS46Organizations and Society
KAN-SOL_OS48Organizational Identity
KAN-SOL_OS49Organizing Processes