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BA-BLM_BA04Translation strategies - Workshop in English and Danish economic language
BA-BLM_BA15Intercultural Business Communication
BA-BLM_BA23Web Interaction Design and Communication
BA-BLM_BA28Current Politics in Latin America
BA-BLM_BA32Conflict Management in the Workplace
BA-BLM_BA33Effective Speaking in Business English
BA-BLM_BA34Being European: Histories of Europe since 1789
BA-BLM_BA35EU Enlargement and regional- and local development
BA-BLM_BA36Historical Origins of the American Economic and Political System (1600-1860)
BA-BLM_BA37Knowledge Modeling and Knowledge Management
BA-BLM_BA39Spain in Europe before and during the crisis
BA-BLM_BA40Spain in Europe before and during the crisis
BA-IVK_AMH2Major Issues in the Social History of the Americas 2
BA-IVK_APS3Government, politics and policy-making in the Americas
BA-IVK_BAPROJBachelor Project
BA-IVK_EKAEEuropean Culture and Thought
BA-IVK_EOEPEuropean economy and politics - EU law
BA-IVK_EUIDEuropean Identities
BA-IVK_EUKUEuropean Political Unity and EU Knowledge - market and constitutional state
BA-IVK_GR1EGrammar 1 - English
BA-IVK_GR2EGrammar 2 - English
BA-IVK_HAS1Major Issues in the Social History of the Americas 1
BA-IVK_IFFTGerman professional communication and interaction in an intercultural context - German
BA-IVK_KOEEuropean History, Culture and Economic Geography
BA-IVK_KRPKComparative legal culture and political culture
BA-IVK_KS1TCulture and society 1 and Language Knowledge 1 - German
BA-IVK_KS2FCulture and society 2 - French
BA-IVK_KS2TCulture and society 2 - German
BA-IVK_KS3TCulture and society 3 - Business communication 2 - German
BA-IVK_KSECulture and society (US and UK) - English
BA-IVK_KSLCulture and society 2 - Latin America before and now - Spanish
BA-IVK_KSSCulture and society 1 - Spain before and now - Spanish
BA-IVK_MKEOral communication - English
BA-IVK_MKFFOral communication and phonetics - Culture and Society 1 - French
BA-IVK_OEFEconomic situation - French
BA-IVK_OEIDEEconomic Science History
BA-IVK_OEMMarkets of the Americas
BA-IVK_OETKEEconomic Texts and Context samt Legal language - English
BA-IVK_PFFPolitical conditions - The company and industrial relations 2 - French
BA-IVK_PROJProject - European studies
BA-IVK_SK2TLanguage knowledge 2 - German
BA-IVK_SK3TLanguage knowledge 3 - German
BA-IVK_SK4TLanguage knowledge 4 - German
BA-IVK_SKISociety, Culture and Identities
BA-IVK_SP1FLanguage description and language production 1 - French
BA-IVK_SP1SLanguage description and language production 1 - Spanish
BA-IVK_SP2FLanguage description and language production 2 - Business Communication 3 - French
BA-IVK_SP2SLanguage description and language production 2 - Spanish
BA-IVK_SP3SLanguage description and language production 3 - Spanish
BA-IVK_STSLanguage and text & Professional communication - Spanish
BA-IVK_TG1FText analysis and Grammar 1 - French
BA-IVK_TG2FText analysis and Grammar 2 - French
BA-IVK_TTPETexts and Text Production - English
BA-IVK_TTTCommon course: Public speaking
BA-IVK_UDTEPronunciation - English
BA-IVK_VA1FThe company and industrial relations 1 - French
BA-IVK_VISCommon course: Business Firms and Society - Business Economics & Commercial Law
BA-IVK_VK1EBusiness communication 1 - English
BA-IVK_VK1FBusiness communication 1 - French
BA-IVK_VK1SBusiness communication 1 - Spanish
BA-IVK_VK1TBusiness communication 1 - German
BA-IVK_VK2EBusiness communication 2 - English
BA-IVK_VK2FBusiness communication 2 - French
BA-IVK_VK2SBusiness communication 2 - Spanish
BA-IVK_VKKTBusiness communication 3 & Culture and text - Spain today
BA-IVK_VTCommon course: Theory of Science